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Got some old phones?

Although we don't buy new mobile phones every year (or even second or third year for that matter), we have a few old mobile phones lying around. We inherited one from my mum some time last year, and after I upgraded my 4 year old Samsung last year, we had at least 2 functioning EXTRA phones. One for each child and most importantly, neither have to touch mine!

So today we took these phones out and used them as cameras on our morning exercise bush walk. If you know me well, I do love a bit of trail running, so I took the kids to one of my regular trails for the purpose of observing nature, and a little photography lesson. And for all those who don't know me, I also like to go off trail. This was much to the delight of one child and raised the adrenaline levels of the other.

So during this bush bash, I taught the kids some simple skills used to take photos using the phones, framing, focusing and composition. I am no photographer, but my years of Facebook and Insta puts me ahead of them at least.

The activity really encouraged them to look at the environment. They noticed big things, small things and as I took photos myself to model the ideas which I shared, their own compositions became more interesting.

At home, we just used a very simple photo editing program to play with colour, light and framing.

Now that they can use the phones to take pictures of a reasonable quality, I plan to use these skills so that they can capture their own learning and interests independently. I'll post those ideas later.

For now, please enjoy the photos the kids took. We have many more, but I also took the opportunity to discuss the importance of editing.


BTW, I chose a very quiet state park for this activity so that we maintain social distancing.

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