ABOUT Going Bananas

This site is an ongoing project. It is designed to assist anyone who is taking on the challenge of homeschooling kids during this difficult time of COVID-19. 

The idea for this site came when I decided to keep my kids at home instead of sending them to school. As a primary school teacher with experience working as an ICT integrator, I thought I would start bookmarking some of the sites I was seeing shared via social media for later use. But I decided that my friends and their children would also benefit from this collection. So I took one step further and put them onto a website, with easily identifiable graphics linked directly to the educational website.

This will be dynamic site. I will be uploading different links as they come through to me and as well as erasing those I do not feel are easy to use for primary school children and their families. I will also try and distill the collection so that I am only keeping those that are the very best as I feel that too many links can make it more confusing for everyone. I would even suggest that you choose only a handful to begin with so that the kids can become somewhat autonomous with certain websites and therefore spending more time learning concepts instead of learning to navigate new websites every day.

Some of the linked websites will be for subscription only. Like a lot of things in life, you get what you pay for, and many of the subscription sites offer better content and design. Many of the free ones, especially if they are not affiliated with a big institution, will feature ads to support their development. Most of these will be harmless, although they can be distracting. Some subscription sites are currently offering free or discounted subscriptions during this health crisis. If I find any discount codes, I will communicate them with you. 

I am not in any way affiliated with any of the companies, organisations or institutions who have developed these websites. However, I do thank them for developing their wonderful resources and if you are one of those companies and can offer free or discounted subscriptions, I would love to hear from you.


Lastly, suggestions and feedback are always welcomed. I am just relaying information that is out there already.  If you know of a site which is fantastic, please let me know. Likewise, if you feel one of the bookmarked sites is inappropriate or lacks content, contact me with your feedback. I don't get the chance to go through all the sites thoroughly and I hope through social moderation, that I can build a site that is useful for you.


Thanks for visiting and good luck on your homeschool journey. I do have a Hello Friends! page which features some photos and activities from our learning community. If you would like me to share something you have done at home, feel free to email it to me at goingbananaslearning@gmail.com.


Michelle :)

Thanks for visiting!